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The Wellness Hotel

Luxury, quality & comfort

Body, mind and soul

The Wellness Hotel is an urban retreat in the heart of Bangor NSW to pamper the body, mind and soul.
A place to be present in consciousness so that you can just rest. Check into the Wellness Hotel and leave all the doing to us. This is your time to receive mental nourishment, personal space and enchantment, relaxing to healing techniques, and traditional wellness practices of Eastern and Western philosophies. Including Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna Treatments, Halo (Salt) Therapy, Cold Water Immersion (Ice Bathing) Cocoon Exercise Pod Treatments, Ayurvedic Consultations & Massage, Hypnotherapy, Yoga & Meditation, Aerial Yoga, Physio Group Exercise, Wellness Day Tours and Retreat Workshops.

Our Services

Flotation Therapy

Ice Bath

Private Salt Room

Infrared Sauna

Winter Ritual

Floatation Therapy

Ice Bath

Private Salt Room

Infrared Sauna

Yoga Classes

Live a little

Treat Yourself

At the Wellness Hotel, you are taken on journey back to you. The real you, the authentic you before life became so hard or the cup continues to overflow. Feel the stress fall away, underlying pressures evaporate and walk out a new person, ready to immerse the world as the best version of yourself. Reconnected, Restored, Corageous.