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Overcome, Maintain & Prevent Illness

The Wellness Hotel is a complimentary healing studio. Offering programs and health protocols supporting gut health, environmental toxicity, lifestyle toxicity, chronic illness and inflammatory disease. Our team of Wellness Designers educate and embody our guests with our services offering a natural approach to forced rest & conscious relaxation to enhance mental & physical nourishment.

With an interest in integrated medicine, we work with your medical practitioner to compliment your healing journey. Due to hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, controlled hypoxia, infrared, structured Water & detoxification being  important in many diseases.

Our services include a World first Red Light Therapy Bed, Flotation Treatments (sensory deprivation), Infrared & Salt Sauna Cabins,  Cold Water Immersion (Ice Bathing) Hyperthermic  Exercise Pod Treatments, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Water Jet Dry Massage Lounge, Zero Gravity Massage Pod, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Reiki Sound & Light Meditation & Yoga Nidra 

We are also an NDIS registered provider



Our Services

Flotation Therapy

Ice Bath

Private Salt Room

Infrared Sauna & Salt Sauna Cabins

Flotation Therapy

Ice Bath

Jet Water Dry Massage Lounge


Cocoon Exercise Hyperthermic Pod

Hydration Infrared

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Detox by Design

Red Light Therapy Bed

Private Salt Room

Sensory Deprivation Pool & Pod

Ice Bath

Ice Bath

 Salt Sauna Infrared Cabins

Infrared Sauna

Detox By Design

Brain Tap – Limbic Therapy

Virtual Wellness Studio

Hyperthermic Exercise & Fitness Pod

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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Educate your mind & Body

Heal Yourself

At the Wellness Hotel, you are taken on journey back to you. The real you, the authentic you before life became so hard or the cup continues to overflow. Feel the stress fall away, underlying pressures evaporate and walk out a new person, ready to immerse the world as the best version of yourself. Reconnected, Restored, Courageous.