My career and life have been focused around service. From working in one of Sydney’s leading Five Star hotels as a Concierge, to a Sales Executive serving the tourism industry, of a prestigious Australian Day Tours company.

For the last decade, I have been working as a Police Officer in the NSW Police Force. As a first responder, I have personally known the feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, loss and destruction.

My real-life battle with witnessing daily trauma in the society I was serving and within myself, gave me a first-hand experience as to how to provide therapeutic support to my community.

A new love of Yoga and Meditation settled in the hollow space of PTSD and Anxiety and my love for a new type of healing was created.

After opening, and running a successful Yoga Studio, my curiosity deepened, visioning

a new space where service and self can meet offering so much more than yoga. A local wellness retreat, that every single one of us needs in our daily life, to lead the best life possible.

I often watched people roll up their yoga mat after class and make jokes about “back to the daily grind” and further seeing this tremendous stress in their faces. I knew then that a one-hour class was not going to cut it for some. I wanted to create the sensations of deep relaxation and escape, so that the ‘getaway weekend’ could be every day. Because stress is a part of every day.

I value formal and higher education. However, I do believe that I have experienced a different education as a former police woman on the streets in Sydney. This experience now translates to how I wish to support my community 

My training in wellness began through self. As a student of life, its trials and tribulations, successes and failures, to a Diploma of Yoga Teaching, Aerial Yoga Instruction, Meditation, Restorative, YIN Yoga, and proudly a Yoga ambassador & trainer for Yoga For First Responders, which I studied in Chicago, USA.  I was the first Australian graduate of this school, committed to pioneering the neurobiology of trauma yoga in Australia, working with the Police, Military, ex- service and all first responders

I am a lifelong student and will remain committed to studying therapies to support my clients in their journey to heal, transform and expand to live the fullest life possible.

I am a multi-faceted modern woman. I am a proud mother to four amazing young adults and I have been married 22 years. The journey has been courageous, challenging and rewarding. I have learnt to be kind to myself and to others on this journey and finding wellness has been a big part of helping me to manage the guilt of trying to be a super woman mother and wife. 

Welcome to the Wellness Hotel. A place to lose the stress and embrace the essence of being