Those who desire a healthy body throughout their life should adopt massage as a daily practice. Massage is good for those who are unable to do any other exercise. It promotes proper growth and development of the internal organs, helpful for sleep disorders and relaxation. Massage is considered as a protector, rejuvenator and for preservation of the body. Our external environment is not as pure as it used to be and our chances of being infected with bacteria and viruses have increased. Ayurvedic massage plays a role as it helps in the production of antibodies that provide more resistance. Ayurvedic massage exercise will improve the body’s defence mechanism & increase immunity toward environmental influences.

Shirodhara Massage – The pouring of warm medicated oil onto the forehead inducing a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance
60 mins – $149.00

Kati Basti Massage for musculoskeletal treatment – 60 mins $120.00

Abhyanga full body warm oil massage for wellness and balance, stress relief and skin health – 60 min – $165.00