Oxygen is one of the most important raw materials our body needs for cellular function every second of every day. As important as oxygen is, unlike other nutrients our body requires, we have no mechanism to store it inside our body. We must bring new oxygen in with every breath.

Hyperbaric Oxygen is the only way to absorb more oxygen beyond maximum blood oxygen saturation.

The percentage of oxygen in the air we breathe is always 21 per cent. But, the density or quality of total air (gas) changes with altitude. By creating a pressurised environment in a hyperbaric chamber, we are recreating below sea level air densities

When we pressurise oxygen, we can fit a lot more oxygen into a smaller space. As the chamber fills with pressurised oxygen, it dissolves a greater amount into a liquid, directly to the blood plasma & bodily tissues.

Higher pressure and higher oxygen lead to more absorption. Whilst this statement is true it doesn’t mean more is better. Many times, moderate amounts of pressure are more healing than really high amounts. These amounts will depend on the goals and condition of our patients.

We specialise in 2 types of chambers, ranging in pressures of 1.3 to 1.5 ATA or atmospheres.

Some conditions helped by using hyperbaric therapy

· TBI/Concussion
· Dementia/Alzheimer’s
· Neuropathy (from almost all causes)
· Multiple sclerosis
· Cerebral palsy
· Sudden hearing loss (sensorineural)
· Post-Stroke
· Fibromyalgia
· Chronic fatigue syndrome

Some Immune conditions hyperbaric medicine can help with:

· Lyme & coinfections
· ALL autoimmune conditions
· Mycotoxin/mould infections

Please contact us and book a hyperbaric orientation in our studio. We are accredited technicians with the International Board of Undersea Medicine(IBUM)

Orientation Session and 1st Hyperbaric Session – $150 (deducted from any continuing protocol)

Specialty designed Protocols up to 40 hours – $2800

Add Light Therapy 40 hours $3500