Brain tapping is a quick and easy way to optimise your brains peak potential – anytime.

Backed by neuroscience and research, Brain Tap is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy and other lifestyle challenges.

Your body is made of light. In fact, your DNA every 40 seconds is broadcasting a light out. Your body recognises light and uses the healing benefits of light. Every system of the human body uses light, absorbs and reflects light. Light is now being identified as the most unprescribed nutrient on the earth.

Stress can also stop the human body from entering into the relaxation response.

The Brain Tap headset and visor take your subconscious mind on meditation and hypnotherapy journeys. The headset is placed over the eyes and ears.
All you need to do is keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing as we begin to retrain the primitive brain using light, tonal therapy, guided visualisation & holographic music.

Allow your mind and body to synchronise through a frequency following response to move in to a more relaxed model of the mind where you will find clarity on your life situations to make it better.

Embedded signals or binaural beats communicate directly with your brain, while single and dual voice algorithms engage the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Red and Blue lights in the ears creates visceral dilation, blood flow and circulation 1300 gene expressions turning off the stress genes and turning on the healing harmonious genes guiding you through brainwave technology to feel the “Mozart effect”

Add a brain tap session to your Wellness service, its free to book when using our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Massage Lounges and Cocoon Exercise Pod.

Ask us about our 14 Day free home trial with the Brain Tap app to experience limbic therapy at home.

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Let’s get your brain fitness journey in motion.

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Train your brain fitness for more energy, improved focus, better sleep, easier meditation, and a lot less stress.

BrainTap – Your Brain Fitness App

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