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Sunday Salt, Sauna & Sensory Floatation Private Retreats

Wear your comfy clothes and head to the Wellness Hotel for a Sunday Recharge Private
Retreat for up to a party of four persons each retreat.
Enjoy up to 4 hours of pampering to bring your mind back to stillness
Start the morning in our infrared sauna. Choose your temperature and feel the expulsion
of impurities through sweat leave your body. Start to wind down your week by choosing
either in sauna entertainment, Netflix or your favourite Spotify playlist.
Wash the skin in a short shower with your own organic take home amenities pack and
then wrap yourself into a luxury robe and head to our Floatation Therapy Pool or Tank.
Float uninterrupted in 600 kilograms of magnesium salts. All of your senses will switch
off and your brain waves begin to flourish and heal.
Finish your float and short shower, and head to our private salt room. Feel the small salt
particles touch your skin and enter the respiratory system acting like a bronchial brush
filtering your airways as you lie back and relax
End your private retreat in our studio lying supported defying gravity in an aerial
hammock. Let your body mould into a state of calm. Stay here for as long as you need
Enjoy a pre packed healthy lunch catered to your dietary needs to take away so that you
can return home and re connect with your surroundings

$330.00 including GST per person (up to 4 hours)
After Pay available
Gift certificate with NO expiry for all pre-opening purchase due to restriction
Maximum group of 4 per booking
Personal amenities pack included


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