Gravity Rebalance

A strength and conditioning class suspended into gravity with the use of an aerial hammock. Feeling rigid or inflexible? A loss of core or muscle structure due to child birth, pelvic floor, injury or illness? Or just to improve your current levels of fitness? Test your grip, arm, abdominal and leg strength. The only weights you will need is your own body. A great workout for stabilizing, building resilience and endurance

Gravity Dance and Circus

Using the aerial hammock as your muse, perform tricks, advanced strength, co-ordination and repetition to music. Learn a routine by adding on a new trick each week or just have a go. Best to purchase a 5 class pass to get the most out of these sessions. This class is high energy and is best suited to persons with a reasonable level of agility and stamina. Definitely a bucket list challenge!

Gravity Meditation

For the human body to be in balance we are always looking for new ways to nourish our bodies. Mental clarity and positivity also contribute to the health and wellbeing of the entire human experience. Join an aerial meditation class where you can just lie in the hammock and do nothing but relax.

End the week with a long exhalation, and let go of everything that no longer serves you. Travel back through your weekly timeline and let the mind rest. Allow the mental mind to clear its thoughts, inner monologue, ego, justification, negative affirmation or limiting decision float away. Leave a session feeling light and ready for a great sleep.