Yoga is a 5000 – year – old philosophy of functional movement, much like the Western modalities of today, PT, group fitness, boxing, weight lifting. The modern world has designed these modalities to improve all aspects of our physical and mental health which have been scientifically proven. Yoga takes us back to nature, back to the conscious union of your mind, body and soul. Before treadmills and boxing gloves, yoga was a way to move the body consciously, slowly, or with vigour depending on how the body is feeling, the age of the practitioner, the season, the time of day and the constitution of the body (our bodily intelligence) Our classes are open to all, from wheelchair to amputee, PTSD to blood pressure medication, child to adult. Please review our timetable and speak to our staff about what you need. 

  • 45 mins   $22.00

Yin Yoga

YIN Yoga offers physical and mental feelings of detoxification and purification as the practitioner uses their own body to apply pressure, weight and adjustment with the use of yoga props, to work deep into the fascia of the tissues in the body. Working through about 10 postures a class, feel adjusted and fluid after a session. Maybe add on an ice bath to liven the muscles, and an infrared sauna to reboot the circulatory system. 3 in 1 immune boost!

  • 45 mins   $22.00

(Restorative) Yoga

The act of doing nothing. This class is an end of the week or weekend reset session. Comfort, warmth, darkness and soft ambient music whilst the body creates 1- 3 postures only. This class is about self-care, silence and bringing the body back to factory settings without doing…. Just be

  • 45 mins   $22.00

Guided Sound Meditation

For the human body to be in balance we try to eat good foods to nourish our bodies. However, it doesn’t stop there. Mental clarity and positivity also contribute to the health and wellbeing of the entire human experience.


End the week with a long exhalation, and let go of everything that no longer serves you. Travel back through your weekly timeline and let the mind rest. Allow the mental mind to clear its thoughts, inner monologue, ego, justification, negative affirmation or limiting decision float away. Leave a session feeling light and ready for a great sleep.

  • 45 mins   $22.00


Flowing and spiralling movements are beautiful for the mind to follow. As the mind relaxes, the body releases stress and tension.

Movement becomes free in the whole body. The joints, muscles and tendons, become relaxed, lengthening and contracting. Allowing movement in every possible direction, promoting a smooth flow of cellular information (blood flow, synovial fluid, fascia). When you can nourish your cells with intelligent and harmonious movement your pains and aches ease almost instantaneously with good practice

  • 45 mins   $22.00